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"I'm sorry." Words said sadly as they wrought pain and carnage around them.

Lessons will be learned as each of the three will battle their own story. Wolf in a new body and world. Zoey losing sight of herself. Tony balancing inner fear and the growing world around them. Can Tony master his new glyph and save those he loves or will the fledgling Glyph Writer fail and watch those he loves most die. Can Zoey survive torture and loss of self. Can Wolf be accepted for his new form, or will it drive his father and tribe farther away. A mysterious kiss, A deadly fire, Corruption, inner demons, and the new and beautiful world of the Earthlands. Enemies will become friend, Allies will be corrupted, and loved ones lost.


"May the Faytes Be Kind..."

What if I told you that there is a world beyond our own. That myths and legends were as common as water. What if I told you I have dined with nightmares, walk with giants, flown through sky so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. I have befriended men who are mistaken for monsters, and women who can take the impossible and make it spectacular, and what if I told you that I have failed and watched those I love die or be destroyed. My name is Tony Deloris, and I am a Glyph Writer, but I get ahead of myself now. It wouldn’t be much of a chronicle if I jumped to the end. So let's set this up. What does a Glyph Writer, a Native American werewolf, and a human mage have in common? Quick answer. They will all be having a really messed up summer vacation. Whether it be Dark Continent criminals wearing the human remains of their victims, a Native American end of the world prophecy, inter-dimensional travels and the dangers inherent with that, or just puberty and powers that I have inherited from my father. All in all this won't be a summer any of us will forget, or survive. I'm still on the fence about that. Now I need to cap this off. I'm sure Wolf and Zoey are looking for me and I won't hear the end of it if they read this. Follow our stories and live our adventures.


"What happened to you? Are you lost? Is it too late? I don't know how much more I can take, but I promised you so very long ago, I would stay."

We all have paths that branch off in different directions. Some lead us through the warmth of the sun, while others drag us through the depths of our own despair, but before that there is always a crossroad. A defining moment that changes who we are. The right path is not always so easy to see. What may have to look safe may be so very treacherous just over the hill, and what may have looked dangerous my have been the safest path the whole time. In the end all it takes are those first unknowing steps into the void.

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I like to think of myself as a writer even though my self esteem doesn't always allow it. I like to write, I believe it is the one thing I am actually good at. The grammar of it all not so much, but hey that's what an editor is for. With my writing I hope to blend fact and fiction with my own experiences. I create a world as I see it and how I wish to see it.

At a young age I knew I was a homosexual and was saddened by the lack of television and books written for me that focused on some exaggerated stereotype. As much as I tried I could never be what was considered the stereotype homosexual. I write for my young self and I hope that once you read my stories you wish you could have grown up with these stories like I wish I had.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy what I have written for you.

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Ouroboros Prints is an independent printing company where we make the author come first. We the founders believe in giving passionate men and women the chance to spread their litaral minds and improve their skills with us. In the future we be expanding our network to other authors.